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My Story

"Why is that alligator all white?" A child asked me. In 2017 I worked in the California Academy of Sciences after graduating from USF and found myself searching for my dream STEM career while also writing at night. After I explained to the young museum guest why Claude the Alligator was white (fun fact: albino animals typically don't have great eyesight due to the loss of pigmentation) I realized that breaking down science for the general audience was where my two passions could intersect. 

Since then, I have worked on textbooks for biology, human biology, geosciences, and educational content for data science at Pearson. I also currently plan to graduate with my Master's in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University in Spring 2022. My writing thus far has varied from climate change, bioethics, and public health.


Science communication feels more vital than ever these days, for good or bad reasons, but my hope is to make it as interesting, engaging, and (hopefully) as fun as I can. I look forward to connecting!

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